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A brand new, no-holds-barred podcast exploration of what life is for and why we are all here, hosted by Paul Chek.

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From The Mind of Paul Chek

Paul is known as the guy who brought the Swiss Ball to mainstream exercise, but Living 4D will explore movement so much more deeply.Paul shares his 32 years of work with elite athletes, brings his experience to bear on topics like fad exercises, how movement can be used as meditation, and the spiritual side of exercise.He’ll also be discussing these same topics with huge variety of guests, from elite athletes like Danny Way, to experts in the fitness field like the guys from the Mind Pump podcast.

Living a healthy, happy life means leading a balanced life. You’ve probably heard that before, but what the heck does it mean to live a balanced life?
For Paul the answer is in the name of the podcast – 4D. But this is one of the key topics that Paul will discuss with his guests. What does it mean to them to lead a balanced life? How do they find that balance?

There’s so much dogma surrounding diet and we humans have become so detached from our bodies and from the signals that our bodies send us that we just don’t have a good idea of what we need to eat anymore. Living 4D is about reconnecting – learning how to have a real relationship with your body and your food so you can make the best dietary choices for your specific needs.

What is your life’s dream? What makes you genuinely happy? How did you come to be the man you are today? How did you achieve success? What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be a woman? These are all important questions to Paul – questions that have driven his own personal life and his professional career. And they’re questions he’ll pose to and discuss with his guests.

Love (or a lack of it) shape and drive so much of who we are, and it’s absolutely essential to our health and wellbeing. But why do we love the people and the things we do? How has our history and our religion shaped the way that we love and our judgments about how others love? Can love be unhealthy? Or even more basically – what is the true nature of love? Because love is such an important force in our lives, it will be a central topic of discussion in the Living 4D podcast.

Never one to shy away from controversial topics, you’ll find Paul digging into religion in the Living 4D podcast as well. Why? Because while religion can lead to great wisdom, acts of tremendous sacrifice and love, and guide us to be better persons, it can also be misunderstood, cause great suffering and oppression. Paul has seen this up close and personal in his own life and in his work with clients. So get ready to plumb the depths of religion with Paul and his guests!

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