Show Notes Episode 97 – Dr. Ibrahim Karim: BioGeometry: Profound Healing Through Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Where we live, how and where we work and what we eat wield such harmful effects on our lives, the search for healthy solutions that really matter often feels like the proverbial needle in the haystack. They never end…

Dr. Ibrahim Karim and Doreya Karim describe the many healing properties of BioGeometry that promote and improve energetic balance and healing in this metaphysical Living 4D conversation.

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Learn more about BioGeometry and the work of Ibrahim and Doreya at their website and on Facebook.

Show Notes

  • Why were ancient civilizations built on top of each other in the same spot? (14:06)
  • Minds of the first humans were right-brained and more in tune with the powers of nature. (20:02)
  • A mysterious thank you message to Ibrahim. (28:37)
  • The significance of Paul seeing Ibrahim and a cross. (39:13)
  • The beginning of creation. (46:22)
  • Did you know when you lose your train of thought, you’re in right-brain consciousness? (55:13)
  • “We must acknowledge that electromagnetic radiation or the age of information is contributing to global warming.” (1:18:43)
  • Using music to interact with divinity. (1:28:07)
  • The difficulty of acquiring information in the left brain. (1:36:42)
  • Near-death experiences and the tunnel between the left- and right-brain. (1:45:25)
  • Healing through BioGeometry. (1:54:41)
  • You can’t perform acupuncture or any energy treatments on people without taking the Earth into consideration. (2:05:53)
  • Humans chase away replenishing life force when they build homes. (2:13:48)
  • Ibrahim’s next book: The Physics of Quality. (2:25:48)
  • Designing healthier classrooms for autistic children. (2:36:32)
  • Using water from the Red Sea to grow sweet potatoes. (2:43:04)
  • Farming practices and BioGeometry. (2:52:56)
  • Differences between feng shui and BioGeometry. (3:01:06)
  • BioGeometry products for the home and body. (3:13:07)
  • Good teachers help their students remember what they already knew… (3:21:00)


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