Show Notes Episode 92 – Leslie Manookian: Bringing Light to the Darkness of Health and Freedom

Do you think you know everything you need to make sound decisions for the health and wellbeing of you and your family, even during a pandemic?

Leslie Manookian shares her journey from the world of corporate investment services to becoming a homeopath, award-winning filmmaker, writer and health freedom advocate and what she’s uncovered about vaccines and COVID-19 in this Living 4D podcast.

Learn more about Leslie’s work on her website, The Greater Good website and on social media via Facebook and GreaterGoodFilm.

Show Notes

  • Leslie faced a crisis of conscience and a moment of clarity while working in the corporate world of asset management. (11:28)
  • “The choice between liberty and slavery: That’s the myth playing out today but people don’t realize it.” (29:16)
  • The problem with masculine energy is one of culture, not of men. (43:46)
  • Do you love your job or hate it? (1:09:13)
  • Illness pulls Leslie from the corporate world to homeopathy. (1:15:30)
  • Looking within to figure out what you really love to do with your life: A silver lining of the pandemic. (1:29:00)
  • Are you living in a counter myth? (1:35:40)
  • Wake up, show up and stand up and we can save ourselves and the world. (1:44:33)
  • A virus: A massive matrix of information being shared among everyone and everything. (1:55:08)
  • “One way to discover what’s true is to find out what you can’t talk about.” (2:05:26)
  • The origins of modern medicine began with the Flexner Report in 1910. (2:11:51)
  • Emergency medicine is different than taking care of our health every day. (2:27:27)
  • The COVID-19 epidemic isn’t an exponential one according to Stanford’s Dr. Michael Levitt. (2:40:26)
  • Knowledge is a powerful, empowering tool to combat fear. (2:48:34)
  • 9/11, shock and awe and the trauma response. (2:53:27)


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