Show Notes Episode 91 – Laird Hamilton: Bigger Than Waves, Larger Than Life, Closer Than Breath

Many of us already know about the amazing things Laird Hamilton has accomplished in the world of surfing and water sports… but what makes him really tick?

How does he handle fear and the everyday challenges of life?

Paul digs deep into Laird’s amazing life (did you know he’s appeared in a number of films?), his influences and why what makes you unique is good enough to compete in this career-spanning Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Laird on his website and via social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Check out his line of superfoods at

Show Notes

  • Working on films can be really boring and difficult. (9:12)
  • The “terrier way” helped Laird make a living out of his passion. (13:38)
  • Patience: Laird’s biggest challenge. (22:29)
  • Choosing a sustainable lifestyle for a lifetime over a trendier, temporary one. (36:21)
  • Laird’s “never cake” philosophy. (48:20)
  • “Fear and pain live together.” (1:08:59)
  • Paul overcomes his fear of losing in the boxing ring. (1:17:55)
  • Why do people watch horror films? (1:27:44)
  • Feeling uncomfortable keeps you grounded in the present. (1:32:44)
  • Ego: Our biggest asset and threat to mankind. (1:52:32)
  • Your uniqueness is enough to compete with others. (2:16:35)
  • Laird counts his wife, Gabby Reece, and Bally’s founder Don Wildman among his major influences. (2:27:10)
  • The mechanism of breathing can help you better understand the spirit and soul. (2:44:13)
  • Paul must balance the archetype of the hermit and staying connected to his family. (2:57:25)


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