Show Notes Episode 90 – Dr. Keith Witt: Seeing the World and Love Through Integral Psychology

With the world becoming a more brittle and fragile place, our relationships with the people we love and care about are more important than ever before.

Dr. Keith Witt shares his five dimensions for building successful relationships and takes on the big questions — racism, violence and radical acceptance — in this expansive and therapeutic Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Keith’s 40+ years as a psychotherapist and get a free download of his book. The Attuned Family, on his website. You can email him at [email protected]

Show Notes

  • Faced with decisions for a lifetime, Keith chose the warrior and the healer. (6:15)
  • Everything is relationships. (12:44)
  • Connecting with your eighth and ninth chakras. (19:15)
  • What worldview are you living in? (26:54)
  • Violence: The worst addiction in humanity. (35:24)
  • Society’s biggest problems: Child abuse, child neglect and education. (43:26)
  • Moving slower to engage in more consciousness with life and the people we love. (51:21)
  • Donald Trump’s gift to our world. (1:02:33)
  • Today’s human culture is brittle, fragile and deconstructing right in front of us. (1:11:07)
  • Are you weird or just healthy? (1:21:32)
  • Are you a seeker? (1:29:51)
  • “Radical acceptance is not radical indulgence.” (1:44:46)
  • Shame: The basis for morality. (1:56:18)
  • Erotic polarity. (2:05:16)
  • Keith and Paul have daughters named Zoe. (2:11:53)
  • Attachment issues with your partner are a YOU problem too! (2:20:43)
  • Therapy is like a marriage to a client one hour at a time. (2:27:14)
  • Why does all love involve some pain and suffering? (2:32:39)
  • “Carl Jung must’ve been a lonely guy…” (2:39:30)


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