Show Notes Episode 85 – Paul Chek: Q&A Part 3

How does fiber help your body? Can you communicate with people who have died? What can anyone do to change the behavior of every human being living on our planet?

Paul shares his insights into these deep questions from listeners and much, much more in this very inquisitive Living 4D podcast.

Show Notes

  • The benefits of fiber in your diet. (3:56)
  • Choosing a career in medicine. (11:13)
  • “Can you get a world of 7 billion people to change their behavior?” (17:57)
  • Using Yogananda’s soulmate’s prayer to find a life partner. (27:52)
  • Tips to look for in good drinking water. (35:19)
  • “Never apply your [diet] dogma to your kids.” (44:08)
  • Death isn’t the end for communicating with loved ones. (53:58)
  • Methods for healing from emotional pain. (1:00:13)
  • Handling spiritual differences maturely in relationships. (1:11:12)


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