Show Notes Episode 82 – Ervin Laszlo: The Future of Man?

What are the real challenges facing our world? And, how do we begin to return our lives to a greater sense of harmony?

Two-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and the founder of general evolution theory and systems philosophy Ervin Laszlo describes how to navigate our way past the synthetic world and back to a greater sense of oneness in this philosophical Living 4D podcast.

Special guest James Phelps also joins this week’s podcast to take a deeper look into some of meatier spiritual issues Paul and Ervin discuss.

Learn more about Ervin’s work at his website and the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research on Facebook.

Show Notes

  • Erwin was a child prodigy and concert pianist. (6:25)
  • Erwin used curiosity, a fundamental part of being human, to guide him through life. (10:08)
  • The consequences of living in a synthetic world. (16:01)
  • “Almost all diseases stem from a basic lack of connection.” (29:31)
  • At their essence, our lives originated with cooperation. (36:46)
  • Depression: A lack of connection, energy and vitality. (48:27)
  • You cannot be afraid to examine opposing viewpoints. (58:58)
  • Can a crisis be a good thing? (1:08:41)
  • Even young adults are noticing the effects of disconnection. (1:21:40)
  • Is fundamentalism breaking down? (1:28:30)
  • Fundamentalism has a much harder time existing because the Internet makes our world a bit “smaller.” (1:42:11)
  • There’s big differences between science and scientists and technicians and technology. (1:52:24)
  • Science for profit versus science for understanding. (2:00:53)
  • “Primarily, nature is a cooperative enterprise.” (2:17:58)
  • “If you had to live your life all over again, would you happy with how it’s turning out right now?” (2:27:29)


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