Show Notes Episode 81 – Dr. Joseph Mercola: Real Dangers to Your Health and Freedom

Are you having a difficult time finding answers to your health questions that don’t involve drug-based treatments?

Dr. Joseph Mercola describes the many ways Google and other entities are chipping away at our personal freedoms and manipulating what we see and read on the Internet in this Living 4D podcast.

Learn more about Dr. Mercola’s work at his website and on social media via YouTube and Twitter. Download a free report on blood flow restriction training on his website.

Show Notes

  • Dr. Mercola’s website has been around longer than Google. (3:00)
  • Ask any health question on Google and you’ll get results from three websites owned by ad agencies. (13:31)
  • The products Google uses to track you. (19:52)
  • Could COVID-19 have been bioengineered? (30:46)
  • Statins: The most popular and profitable drugs ever made. (47:54)
  • Drug companies buy influence through medical journals. (49:52)
  • Be cautious about using Wi-Fi enabled devices like Alexa. (1:05:56)
  • Re-enforcing people’s biases through technology. (1:15:00)
  • Losing personal freedoms. (1:22:24)
  • Could tinnitus be connected to EMF exposure? (1:31:30)
  • Alternatives to get rid of Google in your life. (1:34:51)
  • How a VPN (virtual private network) works. (1:42:26)
  • Time-restricted eating. (1:46:06)
  • The benefits of NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). (1:56:17)
  • Dr. Mercola’s favorite supplement. (2:04:46)


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