Show Notes Episode 80 – Alicia Rose: Marijuana: Freedom or Bondage/Balance or Disease?

With medicinal marijuana now a very real and legal thing, how do you make the best choices for your health?

HerbaBuena founder Alicia Rose explains how to choose the best strain for you, why vaping isn’t a healthy choice and the sexual benefits of cannabis in this very aromatic Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Alicia and HerbaBuena at her website and on Facebook and Instagram.

Show Notes

  • Women like Alicia feel guided to find their own legacies by working with plant medicines in the cannabis industry. (5:48)
  • Cannabis: The mother of all adaptogens. (12:16)
  • Alcohol vs. plant medicines. (15:55)
  • Good health and homeostasis must be in place first before cannabis can used as a helpful tool. (28:57)
  • Why people often and wrongly blame plant medicines. (33:08)
  • Distillate: The “corn syrup” of the cannabis industry. (46:17)
  • THC detox is a real thing. (1:02:43)
  • Why do many people wince when they taste a cannabis tincture? (1:13:50)
  • Store your cannabis as you would your wines. (1:24:57)
  • The differences between hemp- and cannabis-derived CBD. (1:33:05)
  • Alicia communicates with plants, even in their seed form. (1:43:44)
  • The benefits of cannabis as a sleep aid. (1:56:09)
  • Are there concerns for pregnant woman and kids related to cannabis? (2:01:10)
  • Higher THC percentages in cannabis can affect you. (2:03:42)
  • Is it possible to have a psychological dependence on cannabis? (2:06:55)
  • The toxins in vape pens. (2:09:03)
  • The benefits of cannabis as an anti-inflammatory and helping with auto-immune disorders and menstrual cramps. (2:21:36)
  • Sexuality and cannabis. (2:26:16)
  • Identifying the best strain of cannabis for you. (2:33:16)


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