Show Notes Episode 74 – Sara Gustafson: Holistic Health and Performance For Women

If women have different bodies and emotional needs than their male counterparts, why are those differences often disregarded or ignored by the conventional medicine community?

CHEK Practitioner Sara Gustafson describes all the health problems that occur when both sexes are treated the very same way and why equality isn’t the same as equal quality in this very female-centric Living 4D podcast.

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Learn more about Sara and her Primal Fusion CHEK-based practice in Austin with her partner and Level 4 CHEK Practitioner Aleks Rybchinskiy at their website.

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Show Notes

  • Sara began her journey to holistic health when she received a fibromyalgia diagnosis at age 25. (6:12)
  • How Paul “triggered” Sara. (14:08)
  • Most women are in touch with only one expression of their feminine psyche, if any at all. (25:10)
  • The four feminine archetypes. (29:07)
  • Working to live or living to work? (36:31)
  • Women sacrifice to provide meaning to others, often their husbands and families, for the sake of their religion. (44:11)
  • The crooked path. (55:09)
  • The bias against women in medical research. (1:07:20)
  • Physical, emotional, mental and cellular differences between women and men. (1:10:19)
  • Why autoimmune diseases are so prominent among women. (1:21:49)
  • Religious dogma is embedded into our consciousness. (1:29:41)
  • Equal quality versus equality. (1:42:48)
  • Balancing a woman’s hormonal cycles with exercise. (1:47:46)
  • Due to thermal stressors, woman are too hot. (2:04:38)
  • The differences in breathing pattern dysfunctions between women and men. (2:09:13)
  • Important Primal Pattern® exercises for women. (2:23:58)
  • Why women focus too much on cardio training. (2:28:02)
  • Women really benefit from resistance training. (2:37:24)