Show Notes Episode 68 – Paul Chek: Lessons from the Pain Teacher

How you handle pain will dictate how healthy you’ll be physically and mentally throughout your entire life.

But are you doing it consciously or ignoring the signs your body is telling you that you need help?

Paul explores the origins of his Pain Teacher concepts in this early excerpt from his four-part series debuting soon on CHEKIVA.

Show Notes

  • Are you using pain as a source for personal guidance and feedback to create what you really want? (9:44)
  • Definitions of pain. (13:42)
  • Linking pain to stress. (17:35)
  • You need to stress in your life to grow and be healthy or your body breaks down. (27:44)
  • Pfluger’s laws. (29:46)
  • Psychosomatic origins of pain. (38:24)
  • The law of unilaterality. (45:31)
  • The law of symmetry. (47:24)
  • The law of intensity. (50:37)
  • The law of radiation. (52:42)
  • The law of generalization. (57:29)
  • Create your own pain tree. (1:02:27)
  • The real meaning of syndrome when a physician uses it to diagnose you. (1:10:40)
  • How your body may be overcompensating for pain. (1:16:30)
  • The pain from emotional trauma. (1:22:33)