Show Notes Episode 67 – Eugene Trufkin: The Anti-Factory Farm Shopping Guide

Despite what we already know about the way our foods get from the farm to our dinner table, most of us still choose to buy them from the wrong sources. So, how do you make better, healthier choices?

Author and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3, Eugene Trufkin shares a wide range of resources you can use to find the information you need to stay healthy and informed in this food-wise Living 4D conversation. (Look for a detailed list in the resources section.)

Learn more about Eugene at Trufkin Athletics and on social media via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Show Notes

  • Eugene became inspired to learn about the true state of food production in America after seeing Paul’s Nutrition: The Dirt Facts lecture on YouTube. (4:13)
  • Many people buy grass-fed beef, not understanding that it’s probably grain-finished beef. (6:39)
  • “When a doctor uses the word syndrome related to a health problem, it probably means he/she doesn’t really know what’s wrong.” (17:25)
  • Three myths people use to justify eating conventionally farmed foods. (23:24)
  • Food companies protect their own interests through self-regulation at the expense of your health. (33:48)
  • The number of companies that produce processed foods in the Western world is very small. (44:19)
  • The gold standard for avoiding genetically-modified (GMO) foods in grocery stores. (52:38)
  • The chemicals used to produce GMO foods are harmful too. (59:16)
  • Comparing price differences between organic and processed foods in grocery store shopping tests. (1:03:59)
  • Be careful about eating chicken that’s labeled vegetarian fed. (1:20:50)
  • The bar for measuring for what being healthy really means has dropped greatly over time. (1:31:52)
  • Avoid GMOs in the supplements you take by paying closer attention to labeling certifications. (1:37:57)
  • Getting more sleep and eating organic foods alone could help you lose weight without working out. (1:47:56)
  • Why you should never buy any pork, turkey or chicken at your local grocery store. (1:58:51)
  • America is the only nation that allows hydroponic produce to be certified as organic. (2:02:08)