Show Notes Episode 66 – Andrew Johnston:
Our Only Limitations Are the Ones We Set for Ourselves

How do diseases like leukemia begin? Could they be more than just physical challenges your body must overcome.

Andrew Johnston โ€“ Professional Triathlete and Master CHEK Practitioner – describes his journey from competing in Ironman triathlons to fighting and beating leukemia and how your emotional health may be affecting your overall health more than you ever realized in this inspiring Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Andrew and his Atlanta-based practice at his Triumph Training website and look for his daily social media posts via Facebook.

Show Notes

  • Andrew inherited much of his athletic abilities from his grandfather, a pro soccer player in Scotland. (3:03)
  • โ€œIronman triathlons are not about who is going the fastest so much as who is slowing down the least.โ€ (9:49)
  • Charging on a finish line surrounded by 200 competitors can bring you much closer to God than sitting in a church. (16:14)
  • What Andrew experienced when taking Ayahuasca in Hawaii. (28:07)
  • Get the most out of taking medicines by having a solid intention about what you want to get out of the experience. (33:17)
  • Plant medicines versus meditation. (43:26)
  • The more biased you are against plant medicines, the better your experience may be. (49:04)
  • The phenomenon of shared death experiences. (56:58)
  • Andrewโ€™s leukemia journey began with a 2004 diagnosis after falling apart during an Iron Man triathlon. (1:07:50)
  • Living is Winning, the documentary made about Andrewโ€™s life after healing from leukemia. (1:18:28)
  • The emotional etiology behind disease. (1:23:51)
  • Working through the death experience. (1:29:08)
  • How CHEK Institute training โ€” looking at the whole person โ€” influenced Andrewโ€™s work, life and health. (1:40:33)
  • Paul is visited by a bobcat. (1:47:51)
  • Andrewโ€™s philosophy about supplements. (1:57:41)
  • The lack of connection. (1:59:57)
  • Earned beliefs from others can be the inspiration to grow to your full potential. (2:07:08)