Show Notes Episode 64 – Drew Canole: You Be You

How does one heal from the damage done by trauma and begin to build a grounded, healthy life full of meaning and joy?

Drew Canole, author of You Be You: Detox Your Life, Crush Your Limitations and Own Your Awesome, describes his journey from a traumatic childhood to creating an amazing life that led him to build Organifi in this festive Living 4D podcast.

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Learn more about Drew on Facebook, Instagram and his FitLife.TV channel on YouTube.

Show Notes

  • Dealing with trauma by finding meaning. (6:03)
  • Drew worked on turning the trauma he experienced into trust. (13:23)
  • Christian Science laid the foundational work Drew did to create FitLifeTV. (25:46)
  • The year Paul was a vegetarian. (34:16)
  • Paul reaches out to Drew’s company to test his products. (43:25)
  • The big benefit of fueling your body with organic superfoods: Being more aware of the world around you. (55:51)
  • Drew’s Wow Goggles concept. (1:13:02)
  • “The thing that really helped me is realizing that the man who tortured me was a reflection of myself.” (1:20:38)
  • “Depression is the result of taking a break from your true self.” (1:29:31)
  • If there’s enough people in the world to create good connections, why are we feeling lonely despite the explosive growth of social media? (1:34:48)
  • Look at gratitude like a bank account. (1:45:09)
  • Drew’s vision for our higher selves. (1:55:20)
  • Do you give yourself permission to be who you really are? (2:08:00)
  • The powerful symbols on Drew’s hat. (2:15:20)