Show Notes Episode 59 – Paul Chek: Ancient Wisdom & Re-imagining Your Health and Performance Part 1

Too often, modern life gets in the way of how human consciousness supports our ability to live healthy, holistic lives.

Paul discusses the various states of human consciousness and how each one of them comes with unique ways of relating to nature and even ties into the different functions of the human body, in the first of this very special two-part Living 4D podcast series.

During the podcast, stay tuned for more details about the CHEK Institute’s 2019 Black Friday event along with a grand opening of a brand-new shopping experience!

Show Notes

  • Jean Gebser’s first stage of conscious development: The archaic stage. (5:46)
  • What angels really mean. (13:52)
  • The word chi really means steam. (17:41)
  • “This interaction between emptiness and fullness produces perpetual energy and information flow that both energizes and informs all we call life or the universe.” (24:24)
  • The expressions of metaphysical truths through metaphor in our daily lives. (27:22)
  • The astral realm where we experience dreams also provide energetic experiences we attribute to our dreams and emotions. (37:25)
  • Why holistic living and spiritual practices are so important. (52:00)
  • Water molecules are very sensitive to vibration and have an incredibly wide frequency range. (1:00:06)
  • The connection between intuition and the Earth. (1:09:01)
  • Cancer takes about a decade to develop in the body. (1:17:40)
  • Infant development and serpentine movements. (1:25:41)
  • How magic consciousness relates to living holistically. (1:36:11)
  • In today’s modern world, are we really safe and secure? (1:48:49)
  • What is mythic consciousness? (1:58:20)
  • The four essential functions of myth. (2:10:38)
  • Our ability to access the magic, the archaic and mythic in ourselves helps us access what we really need to live holistically. (2:25:43)
  • Defining integral consciousness. (2:47:44)
  • Each level of consciousness has a very unique and important function. (2:56:58)