Show Notes Episode 57 – Dawson Church: Mind To Matter – The Science of Spirituality and Healing

Dawson Church, Ph.D., is one of the new breed of researchers whose landmark research and books have paved the way to create a deeper understanding of healing the human body from the inside out.

Paul and Dawson dive into the benefits of energy healing, the emotional freedom technique (EFT), meditation and emotional contagions in this scientific, fact-based Living 4D podcast.

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Show Notes

  • “It grieves me that so much suffering is optional.” (4:09)
  • Too many people resort to “spiritual bypassing” and avoid facing their traumas and dark sides. (8:32)
  • Dawson’s next books. (14:13)
  • Growing your brain mass through meditation. (19:26)
  • The Veterans Stress Project. (28:25)
  • The phenomenon of emotional contagions. (33:06)
  • Are you practicing brain coherence? (43:46)
  • Paul’s definitions of love. (48:30)
  • Are you listening to the news of the universe or looking at your cell phone straight out of bed? (50:26)
  • Dawson’s approach to EcoMeditation. (1:05:13)
  • Our consciousness can change the four forces of physics. (1:14:47)
  • How Dawson describes consciousness. (1:20:43)
  • When you heal yourself, you’re healing the world. (1:29:48)
  • Why Paul replaced the word chakras with zones in How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! (1:35:51)
  • How spiritual beliefs dictated the health of AIDS patients. (1:37:46)
  • The huge difference between spirituality and religion. (1:43:24)