Show Notes Episode 56 – Q&A with Paul

Have you been struggling with living a more fulfilling life, finding mentors who inspire you, working on your shadow self and figuring how to enjoy sex as glue rather than grease in relationships?

If you’ve been looking for answers to deep concerns like these and others, Paul offers some very personal guidance based on an array of questions he’s received from listeners in this very special Living 4D episode.

Show Notes

  • Are you living your life according to Paul’s 4 Doctor’s principles and grounding yourself in and connecting to healthy rhythms? (0:48)
  • How people use their money is a good expression of their spirituality and how they support themselves. (6:38)
  • Tools to help you wind down after training at night which challenges your body’s natural cycles. (14:14)
  • Paul’s late-in-the-day eating protocol. (19:02)
  • “I find the people who are the most effective mentors for me are the ones who trigger or irritate me.” (25:07)
  • Where is YOUR shadow? (32:25)
  • The definition of an addiction. (45:08)
  • Your energy field may help you love other people silently and instill more powerful healing. (49:09)
  • Externalization of the self. (58:12)
  • Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to endurance training. (1:05:43)
  • Paul’s biggest challenge. (1:10:33)
  • What gives you a greater connection to life and the world around you? (1:13:50)
  • “Your soul is the voice of silence.” (1:18:41)
  • The fastest way to a stressful relationship is expecting someone else to be responsible for your sexual pleasure. (1:22:51)