Show Notes Episode 55 – Wade Lightheart: Digestion, Enzymes, Probiotics & Enhanced Wellbeing

How can anyone be a competitive bodybuilder and a vegetarian, given all of the nutritional limits? For bodybuilder Wade Lightheart, it’s not being focused on the “isms,” and looking at this nutritional choice as a continuing “experiment.”

Wade describes his journey to winning championships and creating a very successful supplements business that began with building his own gym (not unlike the one in Rocky IV) at age 15 in rural Canada in this Living 4D conversation.

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Show Notes

  • Life changed in huge ways for Wade at age 15. (9:13)
  • For Wade, living a vegetarian lifestyle is a continuing “experiment.” (17:46)
  • Incorrect assumptions about food can cost you your health and life. (25:48)
  • What really drives high achievers. (33:18)
  • Wisdom allows you to step past rigid definitions and boxes we set up for ourselves and transcend them. (48:19)
  • “A vision of mastery is knowing the right thing to do at the right time.” (58:56)
  • Modern life is so focused on technology that many of us don’t know the basics of survival. (1:10:51)
  • You’ve “made it” if you’re on Quackwatch. (1:15:52)
  • “Everything from thinking to blinking requires an enzyme.” (1:21:38)
  • The protein found in wheat has degraded significantly over the past century. (1:25:18)
  • It’s possible to do well on almost any diet if your ability to digest, absorb and utilize those foods is at full capacity. (1:29:45)
  • Parasite infections are a multifactorial problem. (1:37:13)
  • The connection between drinking coffee and hydrochloric acid production in your body. (1:42:14)
  • If your digestive system is working properly, you should be successful eating nearly any kind of diet. (1:52:07)
  • The benefits of muscle testing. (1:55:14)
  • How and when to use specific kinds of enzymes. (2:07:39)
  • The two forms of probiotics. (2:17:18)
  • Taking enzymes derived from animal-based sources can be challenging from some people. (2:30:46)
  • Would taking enzymes help people handle Ayahuasca or magic mushrooms better? (2:40:18)
  • If you’re having digestive troubles, try Paul’s lemon test to see if you need enzymes. (2:46:47)
  • “Choices are actions that are the product of beliefs.” (3:00:49)