Show Notes Episode 48 – Jordan Harbinger: Exploring An Original Podcaster

How does a kid who grew up hacking mobile phones and having pizza delivered to everyone at his junior high school become the “Larry King of Podcasting?”

Jordan Harbinger talks to Paul about being busted by the FBI, a curious mind that never stops learning and why turning a hobby you love into a job isn’t the smartest career move you can make in this candid Living 4D episode.

Jordan invites Living 4D listeners to take his free 6 Minute Networking course that will help you venture out of your comfort zone and help you grow in professional and social situation.

Learn more about Jordan on your social media platform of choice at @jordanharbinger.

Show Notes

  • Jordan bought pizza for everyone when he was in the sixth grade with a fake credit card number. (6:21)
  • Jordan traded his knowledge about cell phones and websites circa 1996 for real martial arts training. (11:34)
  • How does anyone “prove” the flat earth theory? (24:36)
  • Why pay attention to conspiracy theories that distract you from living a better life? (30:47)
  • Is “finding your passion” a big lie young people believe? (48:09)
  • Jordan uses the skills he learned in a sales job and law school to be a great communicator and teacher. (55:33)
  • The real conspiracy: Selling courses on how to turn your passion into a career. (59:14)
  • Don’t talk badly about your spouse/partner and in-laws. (1:06:01)
  • Some of the most driven people in the world are the most miserable ones too. (1:13:22)
  • For many influencers/thought-leaders, fame isn’t compatible with their lifestyle. (1:18:44)