Show Notes Episode 46 – Mike Bledsoe: Looking into Life with Mike

If you’re successful and smart about it, questioning what you do all the time can ensure whatever you’re doing is really working for you at whatever stage of life you’re at.

Living life as a “perpetual student” has given Mike Bledsoe that very unique perspective of the world and the courage to move into new ventures very seamlessly and successfully.

Why did Mike move from the world of weightlifting and CrossFit to the internal — coaching coaches and cognitive fitness? Hear his answer in this transformative Living 4D episode.

Learn more about Mike’s work at The Strong Coach and The Bledsoe Show podcast. Follow him on social media via @mike_bledsoe and @thestrongcoach on Instagram, @bledsopia on Facebook and @michaelbledsoe on Twitter.

Show Notes

  • Mike reviews his life path. (3:13)
  • Paul’s definition of the soul. (12:56)
  • Experiencing in a head-on car collision may be a safer way to find your own path than taking a full hit of DMT. (18:48)
  • Mike’s first embarrassing experiences with meditation at age 15 led him to train for the U.S. Navy Seals and failing. (27:39)
  • The origins of the Barbell Shrugged podcast. (36:06)
  • Mike steps away from Barbell Shrugged and physical fitness and working on cognitive fitness. (42:42)
  • The inherent meaning of mindset: Set it and forget it. (45:06)
  • Mike’s biohacking experience with testosterone replacement treatments and thyroid meds for 9 months after his body shut down. (52:18)
  • The life-changing revelations Mike discovered at a workshop. (57:04)
  • How do you “block” God? (1:10:18)
  • Born out of fear, suppression creates so much emotional damage and separation. (1:15:50)
  • “Children become the scapegoats for the anger parents can’t express to their bosses.” (1:30:49)
  • Could “destruction” be useful at a personal level? (1:36:25)
  • The challenge of finding balance in your life. (1:53:45)
  • In our modern culture, service and sacrifice have become misconstrued as the same things. (1:57:01)
  • Understand our ability to create meaning in the world where none existed before. (2:07:01)
  • Using creativity to add life and love to the world. (2:10:00)
  • Mike’s work with Mark England on Enlifted. (2:21:41)