Show Notes Episode 45 – Michael Susi: Holistic Health In A Corporate World

Ever wondered how the health principles Paul teaches would be used and received in a corporate setting?

Paul talks to Michael Susi, a CHEK Professional who heads LinkedIn’s Global Wellness initiative, about teaching whole health principles to more than 14,000 employees all over the world in this Living 4D episode.

Michael shares his long journey to becoming a global leader in wellness at the corporate level in wellness that started at the end of his football career.

Learn more about Michael and the work he’s done at LinkedIn at this link.

Show Notes

  • Michael’s Hero’s Journey started when his football career came to an end. (8:33)
  • Michael’s introduction to LinkedIn. (18:18)
  • Michael was known early on at LinkedIn as Fitness Jesus. (25:52)
  • Michael uses Paul’s technique of “telling people what they want to hear but giving them what they really need.” (42:28)
  • The holistic differences between CHEK Institute training and other certification programs. (49:14)
  • “Real foods are things that can be picked, pulled, slaughtered or caught. There are no muffin bushes…” (1:00:06)
  • The most dangerous genetically modified organisms are found in spices. (1:03:47)
  • The craniofacial rule of thirds. (1:05:06)
  • Paul sings the Dr. Diet song. (1:07:00)
  • When people realize a lack of wellness also decreases their freedom, they get more inspired to do something about it. (1:13:24)
  • “Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.” (1:21:32)
  • “Our deficiencies are inherently part of the beauty that makes us unique.” (1:32:02)
  • One of Michael’s greatest inspirations: NFL Hall of Fame cornerback Darrell Green who won three Super Bowl rings with the Washington Redskins. (1:40:43)
  • Do you know the address of Heaven and Hell? (1:54:46)
  • The “Chekism” Michael shares the most with LinkedIn employees. (2:01:35)
  • The three primary sleep disruptors LinkedIn employees all over the world face. (2:10:09)
  • Michael’s favorite page in How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! (2:14:57)
  • Paul does comedy. (2:24:44)