Show Notes Episode 43 – Chervin Jafarieh: DHA Oil, Health, and Spiritual Exploration

Once upon a time, Chervin Jafarieh was a very successful professional in the commercial real estate brokerage market and creating very lucrative financial platforms including a hedge fund.

For a while, Chervin became lost in the world of building and creating businesses, all because he wanted to be a benevolent king who took care of everyone…

Learn how Chervin made the transition from the dual worlds of real estate and hedge funds to a completely different path by way of Rudolf Steiner, to develop Cymbiotika DHA Astaxanthin in this Living 4D episode.

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Show Notes

  • For Paul, drinking Angie’s breast milk was like a joyous, gentle Ayahuasca experience. (3:06)
  • “Your true self is immaterial. Your conscious is ethereal. It pre-exists your body and transcends the material.” (12:16)
  • “Each of the religious structures or stages of consciousness are like an egg shell.” (15:39)
  • The deeper meaning of Chervin’s name. (17:11)
  • There’s no better display of social programming than going to an American high school. (27:37)
  • The origins of Chervin’s company, Cymbiotika. (30:49)
  • The fish oil industry is a very toxic one. (45:41)
  • The building blocks of Cymbiotika. (58:01)
  • New products coming in the pipeline. (1:08:47)
  • Game of Thrones is a perfect example of the Holy Trinity in action. (1:21:17)
  • How do you balance supplementation with living a healthy lifestyle? (1:27:33)
  • We’re living in a “demineralized” world. (1:38:15)
  • “Good health is the first step to sovereignty.” (1:45:44)
  • You can’t have gratitude if you don’t possess reverence for yourself first. (1:50:14)
  • The Mike Tyson connection. (1:56:27)
  • The plague of monocropping. (2:07:59)