Show Notes Episode 42 – Allison Pelot: From Wounded Girl To Gifted Therapist and Honest Lover

A woman’s passage through life from growing up to adulthood, parenthood and middle age doesn’t leave her much time for taking a gentle breath and just being an authentic human being.

And, what does it mean to learn how be a woman?

Allison Pelot describes her journey to become a complete and whole woman in this very feminine Living 4D episode,

Learn more about Allison and her expertise in whole health and nutrition, along with her Integrate Yourself podcast at her Pure Energy Wellness website.

Show Notes

  • The day Allison met Paul she experienced such a strong jolt to her system that it “woke her up from a deep sleep.” (4:53)
  • For parents, do you celebrate the rite of passage for your child the first time she/he has sex? (12:59)Paul’s emotional response to absent parents as a child: He failed the third grade and couldn’t read. (15:55)
  • Do you ask a child’s permission to touch them if you don’t know them? (25:14)
  • Allison suffered a major early midlife crisis after completing college. (35:30)
  • “You’re not a successful parent if you can’t help your kids with life.” (48:21)
  • Too many women are overriding the urge to slow down and take the time to do the work they need just to be feminine. (1:01:58)
  • Allison is a “recovering perfectionist.” (1:08:58)
  • How do you work on new things in the bedroom? Try them out on yourself first. (1:13:07)
  • Mana loves to clean and dance at the same time. (1:31:59)
  • Navigating multiple-partner relationships — a work in progress — from Allison’s perspective. (1:46:46)
  • Portland is the polyamorous capital of the world. (1:54:33)
  • “A turning point for me was when I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to control him. And the more I tried to control the whole thing, the less control I
  • had…” (2:11:41)
  • Women aren’t meant to “do it all” by themselves. They need nourishment from their sisterhood. (2:38:31)
  • “Another part of why women have health issues is because we’re never really taught how to be women.” (2:40:32)