Show Notes Episode 40 – Tim Welch & Sean O’Malley: How To Be A Spiritual Warrior

How do Paul’s 4 Doctors philosophies really work in the world of mixed martial arts athletes competing in arenas like Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Paul talks strategies in and out of the Octagon with Tim Welch, a professional welterweight fighter with a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and coach, and undefeated UFC bantamweight “Sugar” Sean O’Malley in this latest Living 4D podcast.

Learn more about Tim and Sean by listening to their very popular Timbo Sugarshow podcast. Watch the Sean’s Welcome to the Sugar Show on YouTube.

Show Notes

  • Living without fighting for an extended period recovering from injuries led Tim to Paul and learning how to give back instead of earning big paychecks. (9:25)
  • Learning, reading, meditating and quieting his mind has helped Sean handle a suspension from the UFC and become more than just a fighter. (15:16)
  • Have emotions trapped inside you? Try Paul’s turning shit/pain into flowers technique. (20:51)
  • Sean wears his mankini with pride. (26:45)
  • Can a fighter use anger as an effective motivator? (28:42)
  • “If you’re at a gym and you’re not getting beat up, you’re at the wrong gym.” (36:37)
  • Tim believes the lack of mental and spiritual development for martial arts athletes starts and ends with eating shitty food. (50:38)
  • Fighters use training and competition to avoid communicating with others. (1:06:12)
  • Paul gives Sean and Tim a quick coaching lesson on embracing their femininity. (1:09:23)
  • Why do women advance faster than me in Jiu Jitsu? (1:15:10)
  • One of Tim’s best learning challenges came after meeting the Pain Teacher for the first time. (1:24:39)
  • The generation gap shows up in how younger people are more open to plant medicines. (1:33:30)
  • Paul explains a working in technique that can help martial arts athletes. (1:37:43)
  • Do you abstain from sex before competing? (1:47:02)
  • Out of the 4 Doctors, Dr. Quiet is the most challenging for athletes. (1:56:41)
  • Being thankful for the little things matters… (2:08:37)
  • What do Tim and Sean envision in their futures? (2:20:30)