Show Notes Episode 39 – Tim Shieff:
The Dark Side of Veganism

How does the world react when a well-know vegan athlete — dubbed The Vegan Prince — decides his health is more important than an ism?

Freerunner, American Ninja Warrior Champion and Founder of ETHCS Tim Shieff joins Paul this week to discuss his journey from media darling to controversial “traitor” for leaving the vegan world, and why coming away from it has helped him become a far healthier human being.

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Show Notes

  • You may have seen Tim compete on American Ninja Warrior. (4:46)
  • Tim was born the same year (1988) Paul began lecturing around the world about the fixed axis machine/isolation training. (8:30)
  • The process that made Tim decide to go vegan. (10:03)
  • Paul describes the path he took when he was a vegetarian for a year. (17:00)
  • Tim began to realize something was wrong with his body and worked within the constraints of veganism to find out why. (27:00)
  • Tim’s wet dream was a sign from his soul, telling him he was starting to listen to his body. (37:47)
  • One of the most common things that transfer parasites to people: Money. (43:58)
  • Paul receives wisdom from an orange tree. (53:12)
  • “Do you realize you’re paying me $750 an hour because you’re sick, yet you’re wasting your time and money defending the very philosophy that just got you a disease? There’s the ism…” (1:00:20)
  • Paying attention to your body every time you eat is a better way to stay healthy than changing from one fad diet to another. (1:15:57)
  • Vegans rejected Tim for walking away from their community because he felt empowered to make his own health decisions about his body. (1:31:42)
  • “The moment I realized I would have to sacrifice everything, I laughed for 10 minutes straight.” (1:37:34)
  • The difference between morals and ethics. (1:50:37)
  • “Only vegan gardeners can judge me now because they truly understand the process.” (2:00:11)
  • Tim received massive backlash from vegans after telling the U.K. press he’s seeking the experience of slaughtering an animal. (2:08:39)
  • Paul uses his crystal ball technique to show Tim how he can help the world. (2:16:40)
  • The Egyptian origins of the word amen. (2:24:28)
  • Tim and Paul share similar philosophies about working in and working out. (2:38:11)