Show Notes Episode 37 – Chris Kresser:
The Wounded Doctor Is The Best Doctor

What is it really like to be human?

Can your consciousness really exist separately from your body? How does high tech interfere with your ability to function in the real world?

Paul talks about what it means when the tech begins to separate you from your humanity and good health with New York Times bestselling author and functional medicine expert Chris Kresser in this amazing Living 4D episode.

Learn more about Chris and his work in functional medicine at his website.

Show Notes

  • “Most health care is self-care.” (2:37)
  • Only 6 percent of Americans follow the five basic principles of good health, according to the CDC. (3:48)
  • Because humans are biologically hard-wired for food scarcity through evolution, the availability of calorie-dense food everywhere has created many health problems. (5:06)
  • Are we too focused on the reductionist approach of “nutritionism?” (18:43)
  • “Our entire modern lifestyle, including our food, is pretty far divorced from the natural world.” (24:12)
  • Computer screens, mobile phones and tablets work against our evolutionary programming of distraction as vigilance and spotting potential danger. (30:47)
  • The emergence of “brain hackers” employed by companies to exploit our humanity to generate profits isn’t a personal failure on our part. It’s just time to get smarter… (31:45)
  • The five questions a Shaman asks when you have a health problem. (43:50)
  • A study from the journal Science concluded people preferred to shock themselves than being left alone. (46:00)
  • “It’s impossible to teach a person how to manage the flow of their own emotional energy and their own mind if they don’t spend enough time inside themselves.” (51:21)
  • Can consciousness be separate from our bodies? (55:32)
  • “If you really understood how the soil and the elements work together, you wouldn’t be eating Soylent Green plastic shit.” (1:03:31)