Show Notes Episode 34 – Dale Walker:
CrossFit – Trial By Fire

We’ve all heard the stories about the physical and mental stress people put themselves through during CrossFit workouts (not to mention the injuries).

So, is it really possible to benefit from this demanding kind of training?

Paul discusses a far more rational approach to CrossFit with Dale Walker – physiotherapist, lecturer at the University of Salford, co-founder of Bulletproofbodies UK in Manchester, and a former soldier in the Royal Marines.

Read more about Dale’s approach to CrossFit by downloading his free ebook, Don’t Get Cross, Get Fit.

Show Notes

  • Dale grew up in a home of British soldiers and chose to serve his country as a physiotherapist (physical therapist in the U.S.) and healer. (3:43)
  • Some of the worst physiotherapists/physical therapists are found in the U.S. and U.K. (5:00)
  • The British Army moving toward more functional movement. (17:09)
  • Complaining is our first impulse toward creativity, if we take the opportunity. (24:57)
  • Do you “empty the bone” before working with your clients? (35:50)
  • Imagine your brain as a muscle that needs to relax during rest periods. (47:16)
  • Learning how to relax and feel through a connection to the right brain hemisphere can save a soldier’s life. (50:23)
  • Paul’s father was much tougher and more brutal than anyone he ever encountered in the military. (1:00:36)
  • A former Navy Seal and CHEK Practitioner trained LeBron James as a conditioning coach for several years. (1:05:29)
  • “Every time I went to a CrossFit gym, 95 percent of the people there weren’t close to being ready for the kinds of exercises they were doing.” (1:09:36)
  • The four-stage Bulletproof Body System approach to CrossFit. (1:16:25)
  • How many reps of corrective exercise does it take for a client to rehab a faulty motor program? 3,500-5,000! (1:26:12)
  • People get in trouble when they push their bodies past the threshold of normal motor performance near the end of a set and begin inducing microtraumas or impingement syndromes. (1:30:55)
  • The body experiences sub-thresholds of pain. (1:35:11)
  • The symptoms of adrenal fatigue. (1:46:06)
  • Using CrossFit for stress relief is like trying to put out a fire with fire. (1:49:45)
  • The durability and adaptability of women may soon help them dominate many endurance sports. (2:05:15)
  • The brains of women are far better wired for multitasking and doing very skillful things like being air traffic controllers. (2:11:45)