Show Notes Episode 30 – Dr. James Wanless

How did a professor with a PhD in political science from Columbia University become an expert in the Tarot?

A worldwide journey to Egypt, Beirut and Kathmandu, then back to America, led James Wanless, creator of the magical Voyager Tarot: Way of the Great Oracle and the accompanying Voyager Tarot card set, to a new calling.

Learn how James changed the way Paul and so many people throughout the world perceive and work with the Tarot in his latest Living 4D podcast.

If you want to learn more about the Tarot, James is offering a 50 percent discount for a one-hour consultation to all Living 4D listeners. Mention Paul Chek when you book your session with James at his website.

Show Notes

  • Paul found his Tarot expert in James after studying the more Christian-based Rider-Waite system. (4:32)
  • James’ view of the Tarot is one for the 21st Century, more inclusive of many different cultures and traditions. (8:40)
  • James’ life changed after contracting hepatitis in Katmandu, then spending 30 days in a monastery. (12:38)
  • One of James’ colleagues — the late Angeles Arrien — is one of Paul’s favorite resources. (14:43)
  • Don’t be stuck in “expert shopping” to solve life’s problems. (24:10)
  • PhD = Powerful Head Damage. (26:27)
  • The highest card in every Tarot deck: The Universe with a y-o-u-focus on spiritual growth. (33:02)
  • Look at a Tarot card like one frame from a film. (35:41)
  • The Tarot isn’t fortune-telling. It’s fortune creation and becoming more self-aware. (44:00)
  • James redesigned his Voyager Tarot deck to strip away medieval, political, white Euroculture. (58:13)
  • How the Tarot and numerology intersect. (1:01:38)
  • Letting your internal programming interfere reduces the Tarot deck to little more than random pieces of paper. (1:10:02)
  • “All religious systems are designed to protect you from God.” (1:20:10)
  • Paul sings the Dr. Happy song. (1:25:08)
  • What part of us is actually choosing a Tarot card? (1:29:15)
  • Tarot DOES NOT MEAN terrorist! (1:32:27)
  • Astrology is a male-dominated field while the Tarot is largely the province of women. (1:39:07)
  • James defines what archetypes and the psyche mean in beautifully simple terms. (1:43:43)
  • James lives an “elder wild and baby wise” life. (1:52:30)