Show Notes Episode 29 – Nick Pineault

5G technology is coming and soon. While the possible health consequences are concerning, there’s plenty you can do to avoid them.

Learn more about EMFs and what you can do to protect yourself, as Paul talks to investigative journalist Nick Pineault, author of The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs, in this tech-based Living 4D episode.

Need a more concentrated education on EMFs? Living 4D listeners can save 32 percent when they enroll in Nick’s new online course, The EMF Health Solution, by May 20.

Show Notes

  • Nick’s wife Jen helped him understand the complexities of explaining EMFs more simply, credibly and with humor. (6:34)
  • EMFs are everywhere in nature. (12:22)
  • The explosion of mobile phone use has generated the biggest number of new man-made EMFs over the past 20 years. (18:43)
  • The many health side effects related to EMFs. (20:48)
  • Each gland and organ has its own frequency range. (33:54)
  • The medical community is stuck on the idea that the human body is made solely of chemicals. (37:26)
  • “There’s no one who understands human physiology and how it’s affected by electricity that sits on the engineering team at Apple, Samsung, Verizon or any tech giant.” (39:06)
  • Conflicts of interest between our American government and the companies it regulates block the creation of safer products. (48:27)
  • Doing the due diligence and making up your own mind on complicated health issues like EMFs is part of adulthood. (54:55)
  • To test the effects of EMFs on your body, turn off your wireless router and remove any bluetooth wireless devices from your bedroom, then see if you sleep better. (1:00:30)
  • How EMFs increase inflammation in the human body. (1:09:40)
  • Could your body react to EMFs like allergens? (1:14:07)
  • Extra metals on your body — from glasses to belly rings — may worsen the effects EMFs have on your body. (1:18:39)
  • Do this test to determine if your mobile phone is affecting your body. (1:23:21)
  • “Sometimes, maybe, your reaction to EMFs is worse than the EMFs themselves.” (1:31:07)
  • The bias exerted by major industries in scientific studies on EMFs is real. (1:39:44)
  • Engineers don’t understand biology or biophysics. (1:44:32)
  • 5G technology is being rolled out in America without a single biological test to back up its safety. (1:55:14)
  • The World Health Organization is considering reclassifying EMFs as a human carcinogen. (1:57:33)