Show Notes Episode 25 – Dave Murphy: The Truth About Glyphosate

For Earth Day, we have a special Living 4D conversation in store for you: Dave Murphy calls it “a global call to unite for all who care about Mother Earth.”

Dave is the founder and executive director of Food Democracy Now!, an organization dedicated to protect family farming and the safety of our planet’s food supply.

Today’s conversation ranges over food policy and factory farming, but in particular it focuses on the chemical glyphosate – one of the primary ingredients in the herbicide Roundup.

Beyond the podcast, if you’d like to learn more about the damage herbicides like glyphosate do to our food supply, read the free report: Glyphosate: Unsafe on Any Plate.

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Show Notes

  • The biotech industry spent five times more in lobbying to prevent the labeling of genetically modified foods in California. (10:55)
  • Seventy-five percent of America’s food supply — if you’re eating processed foods — is genetically engineered. (12:10)
  • Farmers in India committed suicide in record numbers due to Monsanto convincing them to convert to genetically modified crops. (18:29)
  • Dave’s father predicted an epidemic of cancer in rural America due to the unprotected use of pesticides a long time ago. (25:49)
  • Could Bayer, Monsanto’s new parent company, be worse? (29:17)
  • “Food is not just energy. Food is critical information.” (39:43)
  • A brief history of glyphosate. (48:10)
  • The EPA allows chemical companies to submit their own research to justify product safety. (1:01:37)
  • Residues of pharmaceutical drugs are finding their way into local water systems. (1:06:32)
  • White Wonder Bread contains no glyphosate! (1:17:37)
  • “In the Midwest at land grant universities, soil is not taught [to be] a living, dynamic biological organism.” (1:23:35)
  • Could companies like RootWave help us get rid of weeds without chemicals? (1:28:49)
  • The marketshare for agriculture and the production of seeds is controlled by four or fewer companies at between 60-80 percent. (1:42:09)
  • How to know what’s a legitimate organic certification program. (1:47:52)
  • The concept of regenerative agriculture. (1:59:17)
  • Ever heard of golf course syndrome? (2:04:30)
  • What public areas aren’t being sprayed with glyphosate? (2:06:33)
  • Support nonprofit organizations like the Cornucopia Institute, Center For Food Safety and U.S. Right To Know. (2:19:03)