Show Notes Episode 22 – Paul Chek: Evolve Yourself Mentally

Do you feel that you’re at a place in your life where you’re growing mentally?

Or, are you so busy holding onto a set of beliefs you’re acting on — consciously or unconsciously — that you’re in a constant state of imbalance?

This third of Paul’s five-part Evolve series of Living 4D episodes will give you plenty of resources to help you begin to find that ability to grow mentally for today and the future.

Knowing you’ll have lots of questions based on the information Paul will be sharing with you, we hope you will join him for a special Instagram live event Saturday, April 13 at 12 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time/3 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

This is your time to discuss any questions you have about learning to evolve mentally. To do that, follow Paul on Instagram @paul.chek, then watch his live event on your mobile phone.

Show Notes

  • Based on his notes and research, Paul estimated the first cut of this episode would require about 14 hours to complete! (1:49)
  • Go back to the exercise you completed early in session 1 on Evolve Yourself Physically. (3:09)
  • The differences between relational and nonrelational space. (9:10)
  • “Mind is an embodied and relational process that regulates the flow of energy and information.” (14:01)
  • Did you know the brain has more neurological connections than there are known stars in the universe? (17:03)
  • “Love is the flow of energy and information through empathic and compassionate connection to the self or others if you choose.” (18:57)
  • To evolve your mind, you must have enough love for yourself to be aware of what it takes to change or improve. (20:50)
  • Consciousness can be defined many ways. (22:53)
  • A human being can be viewed as a cybernetic system, a system of systems, like a computer. (28:07)
  • “Consciousness is a psychic substance.” (30:27)
  • Pain is a great communicator that tells you the choices you’re making aren’t good ones. (34:56)
  • Archetypes help us understand why we do things. (40:22)
  • There’s a difference between consciousness and being conscious of something. (43:03)
  • “Rigid beliefs destroy relationships, and they can destroy bodies, lives and a planet too.” (45:04)
  • Our DNA is not unlike an antenna system that connects into frequencies in the environment. (45:53)
  • At our subconscious level is where the intelligence that keeps us breathing resides. (46:23)
  • A key to evolving your mind: Paying attention to what your unconscious or subconscious processes are telling you. (47:43)
  • “To evolve means to be more creative and to have more freedom which requires conscious choice and a mind that is aware.” (50:38)
  • The sacred unconscious is the process by which nature regulates itself. (53:01)
  • Codependent relationships. (57:53)
  • “Rubbing sticks” too often leads to fires, burning bridges, going out of harmony and narrowing our possibilities. (1:00:10)
  • Use your mind in ineffective ways and you don’t evolve, which means you’ll get sick and tired and eventually die. (1:03:38)
  • “We have the universe, the collective of humanity, our societies in our culture and our family talking inside us all the time.” (1:07:24)
  • Signs of a Kundalini rising. (1:09:26)
  • Do you have precognitive abilities? (1:13:05)
  • “Part of your evolutionary growth is to realize that we all have shadow elements and to evolve mentally, we have to brave enough to look for patterns of consensus in feedback.” (1:20:43)
  • You can’t grow mentally by working on things that are unconscious to you, but paying close attention to patterns in your relationships helps. (1:22:19)
  • Surround yourself with mentors who can help you bring more love and a higher consciousness to the world. (1:25:54)
  • Paul’s simple definition of addiction. (1:32:29)
  • The four root causes of addiction as defined by Angeles Arrien. (1:33:18)
  • The first root cause: Intensity. (1:34:12)
  • The second root cause: Perfectionism. (1:40:43)
  • The third root cause: Focusing on the negative. (1:45:12)
  • To evolve mentally, ask yourself these four questions. (1:47:01)
  • The fourth root cause: The constant need to know. (1:49:38)
  • What do you love enough to grow for? (1:52:41)
  • What is your nightmare? (1:52:48)
  • Where are you out of balance? (1:54:27)
  • The three components of psychological development. (1:56:07)
  • Everyone has complexes that prevent us from seeing the things as they really are. (1:59:20)
  • “The deeper you go within yourself, the more you have access to everything that seems to be outside of yourself.” (2:04:58)
  • What is your dream? (2:09:11)
  • An exercise Paul calls “turning shit into flowers.” (2:11:55)
  • “If we were to ask the brain how it would like to be treated, whether shaken at a random, irregular rate or in a rhythmic, harmonious fashion, we can be sure that the brain or for that matter the whole body would prefer the latter.” (2:15:12)
  • Design your own program for evolving mentally and positively. (2:17:54)
  • Where is your willingness? (2:18:58)
  • What resources do you need to become a better, more competent version of you? (2:19:48)
  • “Breathing always mirrors your thinking.” (2:20:36)
  •  Where is your intention directed? (2:22:45)