Show Notes Episode 17 – Warren Williams: A Deep Look at Martial Arts

With the emergence of mixed martial arts and UFC, too many people seem to be fixated on brutality and power rather than skill.

Reminiscent of the origins of Spider-Man, the life of CHEK Practitioner Warren Williams is one of great power and greater responsibility, as you’ll learn in this Living 4D conversation.

Show Notes

  • Warren shows off his martial arts skills for the first time in front of Paul. (5:31)
  • The many definitions of martial arts. (9:03)
  • Warren’s earliest inspirations: Comic books and superheroes. (11:27)
  • “With great power comes great responsibility…” (16:38)
  • Paul meets Chuck Norris. (17:57)
  • Warren’s record as a martial arts competitor: 189-21. (22:08)
  • Paul moved from competitive Taekwondo to boxing due to frustration and anger. (25:24)
  • The four realms of martial arts. (30:03)
  • The Budo code of martial arts. (32:00)
  • Can you imagine meditating for nine years before teaching martial arts? (38:51)
  • “You become invincible by becoming defenseless.” (43:37)
  • The healthy changes in stretching techniques from martial arts to training as a CHEK Practitioner. (47:17)
  • Warren’s immediate payoff in learning the CHEK system: Better balance by mastering the Swiss ball. (47:40)
  • Functional training and conditioning gave Warren a powerful advantage in martial arts competition. (51:13)
  • Boxers training with Warren were amazed how much simple things like better posture, nutrition and thoracic rotation improved their performance. (54:12)
  • Flexibility is very valuable in practicing the martial arts. (1:01:48)
  • “More great athletes have been ruined by their conditioning programs and their coaches than have ever been created.” (1:07:12)
  • The 30 percent buffer in training professional athletes. (1:09:11)
  • Replace the winner-loser mindset with winning-learning. (1:15:12)
  • Using anger to be competitive in sports is like eating poison and hoping to get healthier. (1:20:21)
  • What’s the driving the surge of interest in mixed martial arts (MMA)? (1:27:52)
  • Women gravitate to MMA to learn self-defense. (1:30:12)
  • Are people using MMA and martial arts as a rite of passage to adulthood? (1:33:29)
  • The video game mentality is desensitizing young people to real pain. (1:44:11)
  • The spiritual path of a person practicing the martial arts is “conquering yourself” and your limits. (1:46:30)
  • Living in a parasympathetic state. (1:52:20)