Show Notes Episode 12 – Matthew Wallden: Evolution in Action

The study of evolution has long fascinated Matt Wallden.

In this episode, Matt – CHEK Institute Faculty Member and Global Head of Education – and Paul examine evolution and all of the intended and unintended consequences from a far deeper and much wider perspective than you’ve probably ever heard, from professional footballers suffering hamstring injuries to traveling to other dimensions.

Show Notes

  • Could evolution play a role in professional athletes in hamstring injuries? (2:45)
  • The differences between professional bodybuilding and functional weightlifting. (4:35)
  • The design of a scientific study often limits what we can learn from it. (10:29)
  • The barefoot movement. (11:57)
  • Developing a new shoe to solve a problem the previous shoe created in the first place. (19:30)
  • Transitioning from wearing shoes all the time to going barefoot takes time. (22:17)
  • How’s your sleep posture? (29:37)
  • Sensory motor amnesia in the real world. (31:28)
  • The blood pressure test, gut inflammation and activating the transverse abdominus. (37:25)
  • Do you learn anything from the pain you feel or take drugs to block that relationship? (39:35)
  • Survival of the fittest, the default mechanism for life? (44:30)
  • Could the mass media be complicit in the extermination of the various links to holistic health? (50:00)
  • Do genes really have an impact on your susceptibility to disease? (53:20)
  • The rise of epigenetics. (58:30)
  • The rise of medical doctors and pharmacists as priests with divine knowledge of the modern world. (1:00:55)
  • Sex with beer bottles may stop 100 million-year-old evolution dead in its tracks… (1:06:00)
  • Humans barely perceive reality as it truly is. (1:11:46)
  • The inner voice as magical consciousness. (1:16:45)
  • The purpose of evolution: God exploring God. (1:25:03)
  • How did Jesus REALLY find four male friends conveniently named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John? (1:32:01)
  • Are we living in a simulation? (1:34:35)
  • If you’ve ever had an orgasm in a dream, is that virtual reality? (1:37:35)
  • Anything that you can conceive is possible… (1:42:20)
  • The reality of homeopathic medicines. (1:47:15)
  • Traveling to different dimensions. (1:50:28)
  • Neurons that receive together weave together. (1:57:39)
  • There’s no winners and losers in life. It’s really about winners and learners. (2:02:25)
  • Studying the human disease of “not waking up.” (2:05:03)