Show Notes Episode 118 – Mike Salemi: Body-Mind Fitness Essentials

Have you listened to Paulโ€™s conversations with Mike Salemi and become intrigued with the kettlebell?

Mike returns to the podcast to discuss his new Kettlebell Lifestyle program and how the 4 Doctors influenced it in this Living 4D conversation.

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Show Notes

  • Paul became a stonemason to build his water charger by hand. (9:52)
  • Mike describes his Kettlebell Lifestyle program, a direct expression of his experience as an athlete and coach and his work with Paul. (16:28)
  • Mike did an experiment with a carnivore diet, including raw meat. (22:34)
  • Mike accepts Coach Ivan Ivanovโ€™s max spin challenge with the Bulgarian bag and does 308 reps on his first try. (34:29)
  • Biohacking versus bio-harmonizing. (46:49)
  • The Dr. Happiness/4 Doctors connection to Mikeโ€™s newest program. (53:27)
  • How you manage your rest โ€” knowing when to back off โ€” is just as important as your workouts. (1:05:45)
  • The Dr. Movement connection: Understanding performance phases, strategy, good form and practicing the long game. (1:10:29)
  • The Dr. Diet connection: Awareness and balance. (1:25:38)
  • The Dr. Quiet connection: Working-in movements, rituals and getting your rest. (1:30:49)
  • Banging kettlebells on the floor demonstrates a lack of technical skill. (1:43:18)
  • How do you change the world if you canโ€™t change yourself? (1:51:28)
  • The newest myth: Holism. (2:01:21)


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