Show Notes Episode 112 – The Women Take Over

What does it mean for a woman to own 2021? How are the challenges different for women compared to their male counterparts?

Learn how from the experts at the CHEK Institute — Nicole Devaney, Amy Fournier, Jo Rushton, Ashley Mazurek, Angie Chek and Sara Gustafson — in a panel moderated by Penny Crozier, in this very lively and powerful Living 4D group discussion.

To discover more about the powerful women in this episode…

Show Notes

  • Balance, meditation and time to be feminine, grounded and a better mother. (5:36)
  • “If I think I can own or control anything, which I have in the past, [2021] is about acknowledging the joke’s on me.” (14:43)
  • Balancing our divine masculine and divine feminine is the real journey, regardless of gender. (24:20)
  • “The CHEK system helped me define what Heaven is.” (29:56)
  • The array of challenges women face to pursue their destiny and dreams, including unpaid labor. (34:09)
  • Learning how to change with life by taking care of yourself. (46:58)
  • “One day my partner asked me, ‘Why do you feel like you need to be a super-woman? No one asked you [to do that].’” (55:33)
  • How often do women abandon themselves? (1:04:48)
  • Everything people use from simple tools to pianos and computers are designed and built to average male measurements. (1:17:22)
  • Do you have a to-feel list? (1:24:41)
  • Learn how to practice surrender mindfully by acknowledging and accepting what is even if you don’t like it and can’t change it. (1:30:27)
  • The value of having a mindfulness practice. (1:45:08)
  • “Every breath is a gift, whether I’m in pain or seeing a wedding.” (1:53:47)
  • “Stop feeling like you have to hustle to prove your worth.” (1:57:20)
  • To own 2021, find the courage and relentlessness to be who you are and pursue your dream. (2:03:01)


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