Show Notes Episode 109 – Cale Schultz: Stuntman, A Life in the Movies

How do stuntpeople make fight scenes in action films look so real?

Veteran stuntman Cale Schultz shares his journey from studying electrical engineering to working on major action films from John Wick to Birds of Prey in this cinematic Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Cale and his work as manager/director at 87Eleven Action Design and his IMDB page. Find him on social media via Instagram.

Show Notes

  • Caleโ€™s most recognizable role and his favorite fight scene in the first John Wick film. (4:14)
  • โ€œI still have a little bit of the Incredible Hulk inside me, but as Iโ€™m growing and learning that takes way more energy.โ€ (12:25)
  • Is a new Highlander series on the way? (25:14)
  • Cale earned a degree in electrical engineering at Penn State, and never imagined having a film career. (31:21)
  • The universe tells Cale to make a change, and he finally listens… (41:42)
  • Chad Stahelski pushed Cale to learn judo at 35. (49:46)
  • The real philosophy behind stunt work: Rehearse it repeatedly, so itโ€™s safe as the stunt can be and it looks awesome. (1:04:58)
  • โ€œStunt work is more like a dance than a fight.โ€ (1:10:29)
  • Some actors like Keanu Reeves put in the time to create authenticity to the physical demands of action films, but others donโ€™t. (1:24:00)
  • Cale appreciates the simplicity of living while working on Logan in Chama, N.M. (1:31:32)
  • Cale finished his work on The Matrix 4 just before the COVID-19 shutdown in California. (1:43:58)
  • Share all of your beliefs openly and make the best life choices. (2:04:36)
  • The journey to publishing How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy. (2:21:06)
  • Caleโ€™s dilemma about working in the film industry. (2:31:28)
  • Will CGI replace human actors in films? (2:36:23)
  • Bringing good martial arts choreography to American films. (2:43:46)
  • Product placements help films like Atomic Blonde get made. (2:45:06)
  • The streaming movement. (2:52:44)
  • The gym anywhere in the world is Caleโ€™s happy place. (3:03:14)


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