Show Notes Episode 107 – Walt Thornhill: Awakening to The Electric Universe

Think you really understand science and how the theoretical laws of physics and the universe work?

Be prepared to get your mind blown and start asking the bigger questions about the world around us, as Paul talks to Walt Thornhill, chief science advisor for the Thunderbolts Project, in this electrifying L4D conversation.

Learn more about Walt’s work on Facebook and at The Thunderbolts Project and

Show Notes

  • The work of Immanuel Velikovsky shaped Walt’s views of the cosmos early on. (6:17)
  • What is evidence-based science? (19:40)
  • Discovering the Thunderbolts of the Gods. (29:12)
  • What we assume about the history of the solar system is completely wrong. (35:21)
  • β€œIf we can’t heal ourselves from this existential fear, we will have no future on this planet.” (52:14)
  • Plasma dynamics. (1:01:48)
  • The age of the universe is unknown and isn’t expanding. (1:12:11)
  • Defining the ether. (1:24:46)
  • β€œThe language of modern physics is largely meaningless.” (1:34:48)
  • How the mind and consciousness work in the Electric Universe. (1:52:57)
  • Interpreting the book of Genesis. (2:09:36)
  • Gravity? (2:14:40)
  • Is the Moon hollow? (2:26:40)
  • One theory about how our solar system was formed. (2:31:41)
  • The SAFIRE Project. (2:42:05)
  • Our theories about geology, astronomy, biology and culture will change when we understand the past. (2:52:57)


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