Show Notes Episode 106 – Ari Honarvar: Rumi’s Gift to You

Have you ever heard poetry spoken so warmly and beautifully that it made your heart melt with joy?

Ari Honarvar, co-creator of Rumi’s Gift Oracle Cards, shares her journey from the warn-torn streets of Iran to America and how her love for all things Rumi transformed her life — including poetry spoken in her native Farsi — with Paul in this lyrical Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Ari at Rumi With a View, her activism at the Musical Ambassadors of Peace and on social media via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Show Notes

  • Angie’s perfect labyrinth led to a Rumi connection and discovering Ari’s story. (9:03)
  • Ari’s relationship with Rumi began long before she was born. (16:31)
  • Ari’s seven-year-old eyes seeing anti-aircraft missiles flying into the air creating beauty and terror. (25:12)
  • Trust. (41:51)
  • Paul’s first memorable lucid dream. (46:00)
  • “Trust is my regular state.” (52:26)
  • Silence. (1:09:27)
  • Courage. (1:33:20)
  • Service. (1:47:02)
  • How spiritual people are like vacuum cleaners. (1:51:18)
  • Feeling the fear and holding it like a bubble in the palm of your hand. (2:00:44)
  • Ari’s emotions living in Iran as a teenager varied from having no fear of death to deep depression. (2:10:50)

Images from Ari’s Rumi’s Gift Oracle Cards set


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