Show Notes Episode 7 – Danny Way: Inside the Life of a Legend Part 2

Most fans who follow extreme sports and skateboarding are in awe of the athletic feats of daring — amazing jumps over the Great Wall of China and out of a helicopter — performed by the legendary Danny Way.

But who is the man behind the elite athlete? In the conclusion of this two-part conversation, Danny talks about the โ€œconstant experimentโ€ in his life called love, connecting with people on a spiritual level and introducing Paul to plant medicines.

Show Notes

  • If love isnโ€™t the pinnacle of everything, nothing else matters. (5:37)
  • The differences between sex and love. (8:56)
  • Love is a connection to God. (11:33)
  • Danny introduced Paul to plant medicines. (14:36)
  • Is the feeling deep love or the power of God just the product of a chemical or an authentic experience? (21:35)
  • Understanding how to balance the masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies. (28:49)
  • The different kinds of pain. (33:30)
  • How does yin energy apply to skateboarding? (37:09)
  • Getting into flowโ€ฆ (40:48)
  • What real happiness means to Danny. (44:54)
  • The diet of a world famous skateboarder. (46:00)