Show Notes Episode 2 – Mind Pump Media: Who Are These Amazing Men?

The Mind Pump Media foursome of Sal DiStefano, Adam Schafer, Justin Andrews and Doug Egge was the first of the big podcasters to invite Paul for a podcast interview, way back in Spring 2017.

Nearly two years later, it’s Paul’s chance to turn the tables on this “mature pack of wolves” as he launches his Living 4D With Paul Chek podcast, using his 4 Doctors principles to reveal some personal challenges the Mind Pump Media crew faced along the way to success.

Show Notes

  • The origin of the podcast title. (2:48)
  • The beginnings of the Mind Pump Media podcast. (8:36)
  • Respecting the level of alpha on a team to know when to shift to a feminine, receptive pole. (15:15)
  • What does love really mean? (24:00)
  • How important is having a dream? (28:40)
  • What values Mind Pump Media uses to guide their podcasts. (30:20)
  • What motivates people? (37:16)
  • How do you balance work with unrational or unbound play? (51:07)
  • How do you worship life? (54:10)
  • Making bad decisions you never want to repeat. (1:04:10)
  • Loving work more than people. (1:06:55)
  • Joseph Campbell: The cave you fear to enter has the treasure you need the most… (1:14:57)
  • You don’t have to work out every day to be healthy. (1:19:12)
  • The 1-3 percent rule of working out. (1:21:40)
  • How the Mind Pump Media guys create sustained happiness for themselves. (1:24:03)
  • If things like pain have no meaning, you’d be on drugs all the time. (1:26:06)
  • Happiness is an earned process that requires ownership. (1:28:00)
  • Pain is a very powerful teacher. (1:29:23)
  • Working on a team committed to common goals. (1:30:50)
  • Having better relationships with others and spiritual growth are inside jobs. (1:35:50)
  • Working in grows the person inside the skin suit. Working out grows the skin suit. (1:40:13)
  • Your greatest strength may be your greatest weakness too. (1:47:06)
  • If you had five minutes left on this planet, what would you want to say to people? (1:49:38)