What does it mean to be healthy? How do you create a lifestyle that truly supports your health? Listen to this collection as Paul & his guests explore how to be our healthy best.


Episode 127 — Eileen Troberman: The Alexander Technique For Body-Mind Freedom

Learn how to ease tension in your body through more efficient movement with Eileen Troberman, a Master Practitioner of the Alexander Technique, in this relaxing Living 4D conversation.


Episode 113 – Mikki Willis: The Plandemic and Your Future: What We Can Do Now!

Mikki Willis discusses his personal journey that led him to create the Plandemic series and explains why we have the power to change the world in this inquisitive Living 4D conversation.


Episode 104 – Nick Pineault: Where Are We Now: COVID-19, 5G, Technology That Supports Us

Are you worried about COVID-19? Many people are, which made Nick Pineault — a journalist who has earned much deserved attention and kudos for his The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs — take a closer look at the pandemic from a non-political perspective.