Spirituality & Metaphysics

What is the nature of the world? What happens when we die? Is science the only way to know about the world? Join Paul and his guests as they explore these questions.


Episode 147 — Mark Wolynn: DNA: Are Our Ancestors Acting Through Us?

Paul explores the world of inherited family traumas and how we can begin to end that cycle of pain with one of the world’s noted experts, Mark Wolynn, in this soulful Living 4D conversation.


Episode 143 — Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton: Who Are We? What Are We? Why Are We Here?

Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton, author of Punk Science: Inside the Mind of God, describes the narrowing boundaries between interplanetary science and our daily lives in simple, easy-to-understand ways in this multi-dimensional Living 4D conversation.


Episode 142 — James Tunney: The Dangers of Scientocracy Today

Is the worship of science replacing God in our lives? Author and painter James Tunney explains how the encroachment of science and globalization are harming our world and humanity in this wide-ranging Living 4D conversation.