Plant Medicine

There is a growing belief that mother nature and her plants can help us be our best physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Paul explores how in this collection.


Episode 80 – Alicia Rose: Marijuana: Freedom or Bondage/Balance or Disease?

HerbaBuena founder Alicia Rose explains how to choose the best strain for you, why vaping isn’t a healthy choice and the sexual benefits of cannabis in this very aromatic Living 4D conversation.


Episode 78 – David Wolfe: Inside The Mind of Alternative Health

Paul discusses the bigger picture — the forces of good and evil, the power of plant medicines as teachers and where gifted people come from — with author, Earth activist and biodynamic organic farmer David Wolfe in this wide-ranging and interplanetary Living 4D episode.


Episode 61 – Dr. Nick Berry: Healing and Growing With Essential Oils

For his second Living 4D conversation, Dr. Nick does a deeper dive with Paul into the some of the amazing essential oils produced by his company, Essential Oil Wizardry. You’ll learn some important do’s and don’t’s for using essential oils effectively and safely.