Plant Medicine

There is a growing belief that mother nature and her plants can help us be our best physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Paul explores how in this collection.


Episode 219 — Darryl Schoon: Docking At the Mothership

Darryl Schoon, whose work spans the realms of economics, metaphysics and spirituality, explains why getting in touch with our inner selves matters so much and how approaching life as a bit of a fox and a hedgehog can help you stay prepared for what’s to come in this amazing Living 4D conversation.


Episode 206 — Charles Eisenstein: Waking Up to Reality

Embrace the importance of your core values over what society tells you and learn why it’s so very hard to do that with author and counter-cultural philosopher Charles Eisenstein in this deep Living 4D conversation.


Episode 204— Dr. Andrew Kaufman: The Medical Detective

Dr. Andrew Kaufman describes how and why we got to this time and place of so much misinformation and what we can do to build a better, safer, smarter and healthier world in this deductive Living 4D conversation.


Episode 196 — William Burnett: The PTSD Epidemic

Military veteran William Burnett describes his physically and mentally punishing journey back from posttraumatic stress disorder to health through breathwork and his quest to set a Guinness World Record by running 88 consecutive ultramarathons in this healing Living 4D conversation.


Episode 192 — Jason Pickard: Finding Soul

Jason Pickard describes his incredible transformation to whole health inside and out thanks to the 4 Doctors and his spiritual relationship with Paul that has evolved from mentorship to deep friendship in this loving Living 4D conversation.


Episode 176 — Dr. Nick Berry and Ellen Bird: Strategies For Thriving in Times of Crisis

Dr. Nick Berry returns to the podcast, along with Ellen Bird, to discuss some very practical ways to manifest more peace and serenity in your life and the world in this aromatic Living 4D conversation.


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