From stuntmen to scientists to poets, Paul and his share the stories of how their lives have evolved and what they’ve learned along the way in this eclectic collection.


Episode 208 — Dr. Keith Witt: Integral Wisdom

Dr. Keith Witt returns the podcast to discuss the state of American life in the post COVID-19 era and how we can begin to heal and grow by embracing more integrative approaches inspired by Wilber and others in this mindful Living 4D conversation.


Episode 206 — Charles Eisenstein: Waking Up to Reality

Embrace the importance of your core values over what society tells you and learn why it’s so very hard to do that with author and counter-cultural philosopher Charles Eisenstein in this deep Living 4D conversation.


Episode 204— Dr. Andrew Kaufman: The Medical Detective

Dr. Andrew Kaufman describes how and why we got to this time and place of so much misinformation and what we can do to build a better, safer, smarter and healthier world in this deductive Living 4D conversation.


Episode 199 — Matt Maruca: Business and Freedom: The Hero’s Journey

Matt Maruca shares what he’s learned about his true mission in life and his three simple recommendations for a person of any age wanting to start a business in this very special Living 4D meeting of equals.


Episode 198 — Dr. Doug Brackmann and Meg Terwilliger: Driven or Possessed? The Need to Succeed

Psychologist Doug Brackmann and Meg Terwilliger describe what it means to be driven, the differences between driven men and women and how a first-timer beats a veteran sniper in a shooting match in this very illuminating Living 4D conversation.


Episode 196 — William Burnett: The PTSD Epidemic

Military veteran William Burnett describes his physically and mentally punishing journey back from posttraumatic stress disorder to health through breathwork and his quest to set a Guinness World Record by running 88 consecutive ultramarathons in this healing Living 4D conversation.


Episode 192 — Jason Pickard: Finding Soul

Jason Pickard describes his incredible transformation to whole health inside and out thanks to the 4 Doctors and his spiritual relationship with Paul that has evolved from mentorship to deep friendship in this loving Living 4D conversation.


Episode 191 — Dimitry Serov: EMF Hazards: A Life-or-Death Situation

If you’re staring at your phone or tablet for hours every day without a worry, you may think twice about it after listening to Aires Tech CEO Dimitry Serov describe the problems our bodies face from the cumulative effect of EMF exposure in this Living 4D conversation.


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