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Building on the eBook, this time we’re going to help you develop the perfect Pull Pattern with a simple, free guide.

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8 Principles for Perfect Pulling Guide

8 Principles for Perfect Pulling Guide

Pulling exercises are a useful counter defense to one of the biggest enemies of good posture – sitting.

In this handy guide, Paul Chek will teach you eight simple principles that will help you to develop an optimal pull pattern and to maximize your results from pull exercises.

You’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of good posture & how pull exercises contribute to it
  • Symptoms of a chronic poor pull pattern
  • Tips for injury prevention during pull exercises
  • The ‘Big to Little’ principle to activate your muscles properly during pulls
  • What kind of Lat. Pulldown is best for you and your clients
  • When it is actually OK to lift with a rounded back

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