General Instructions

  • Only one person may take this exam, receive a certificate of completion and receive continuing education credits for this exam. Please contact the CHEK Institute or your local distributor if you would like more information on our Course Share program, where two or more people can share a course.
  • This is an open book exam.
  • There is only ONE correct answer for each question. Select the best possible answer. Choose the correct letter (A/B/C/D) for your answers to the multiple choice questions or the correct option for True/False questions (A or B).
  • TIP: After answering each question, you will be told whether your answer was correct or incorrect – you will NOT be told the correct answer on questions you fail to answer correctly. We suggest you write down which questions you answered incorrectly so you can review the videos and manual to find the correct answer should you have to retake the exam.
  • You must apply what you have learned from the concepts and techniques presented in this course in order to answer some of the exam questions.

Pass Mark

The pass mark is 80%. Each question is worth 1 point.

Retake Information

  • The majority of people pass the exam the first time, as long as they have thoroughly studied the manual and taken adequate notes during the course.
  • If you do not pass the exam, you may retake it twice more online for no additional fee. If you fail to pass on the third attempt, you will need to purchase a new exam with a new registration number for $25.

Please click on the “Mark Complete” button once you’ve read these instructions in order to start your exam.