In your manual are the case histories for a worker (Harry Backpain) and a professional athlete (Johnny Leftwing). Your examination requirements are to write four programs for each of these case histories (two base conditioning programs, one transition program into the specificity phase, one program of specific conditioning), one pre-exercise corrective stretching program, and one periodization schedule for each program and each person.

You MUST design on the included program design forms.

You will find links to the Case Histories and forms in the lesson topics below as well as in your manual.

Please note that passing these case studies is a necessary step to complete Advanced Program Design. They will be reviewed and graded by one of our faculty members and should they require more work in order to pass, you will be notified and provided with some instruction on how to improve your programs.

To begin your first Case History, click on the Harry Backpain Lesson Topic below.