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CHEK Academy Applications close on September 30th

Your pathway to personal and professional evolution


For over 25 years, Paul Chek has helped his students to become the healthiest, fittest and happiest they’ve ever been… to transform themselves personally and professionally.

The CHEK System combines Deep mind-body knowledge, Powerful assessments, Precise exercise training, Creative and effective program design and mental-emotional coaching techniques to help our students become the best versions of themselves – and to help a lot of people at the same time.


CHEK Training opens amazing doors for our students – here are just a few.

Michael Susi
Michael Susi
Director of Global Wellness for LinkedIn
Jo Rushton
Jo Rushton
Co-Founder and Director of Bhavana Organic Farm & Cooking School
Michael Salemi
Michael Salemi
Entrepreneur, Holistic Health Coach & Creator of the Kettlebell Lifestyle
Matt Nichol
Matt Nichol
Canada’s premier strength and conditioning coach for the NHL
Suzi Nevell
Suzi Nevell
Physiotherapist and Founder of the Sweet7 Clinic
Gary Crozier
Gary Crozier
Creator of PTEnhance, the most complete health & fitness business app

The CHEK Academy is our elite training program, combining:

  • All of our CHEK Training

  • Exclusive Online Seminars

  • Group Mentoring

  • Coaching Calls with Paul himself

  • Business Training

into a structured learning system that will take you from wherever you are now to the thriving, fit, happier version of yourself that you know you can be with the right support.


We’ve planned your learning path out so that you get the right learning materials at the right time and the right pace to learn exactly what you need to succeed.

Each month you will receive a combination of CHEK Learning materials specially selected from our:

  • Advanced Training Programs

  • Exclusive Online Seminars

  • E-Learning Courses

  • Books

  • Audio Programs

Plus you’ll participate in Group Mentoring sessions to answer your questions and cement what you’ve learned.

And Year 1 can now be completed entirely online! Check out our full curriculum by tapping the buttons below.

Study from home and still experience the LIVE classroom setting through our CHEK vClasses.

Using the latest technology, the CHEK Institute can bring our live classes to your home. Rather than just a live feed, CHEK vClass makes you a part of the class no matter where you are.

As an Academy student, you will have crystal clear content and a dedicated moderator on-location to ensure you can participate as if you were there in-person.

Learning doesn’t stop in the classroom. Each month, you’ll join your fellow Academy students in Group Mentorship sessions run by experienced CHEK Professionals who will show you they implemented CHEK techniques in their practice and help you to do the same.

There is always time for questions, so you get the specific help you need to succeed. It’s also a chance to reconnect with the friends you’ll make from around the world!

Chasing your dreams can be lonely! The Pandemic has only made this worse.

The CHEK Academy is so much more than a holistic learning system. It’s also a connected and supportive community, linking people passionate about health, fitness and personal development around the world. Our students get together, visit each other from different countries, build successful business partnerships together, and even get married! Yes, we have had two marriages as part of the academy.

The CHEK Academy is a genuine Tribe that respects and supports each other.


The CHEK Academy business education has been designed specifically for our CHEK professionals. That’s why it works!

If your calling is to create your own CHEK Practice, we provide students with the knowledge and tools to build a successful business that can be implemented step-by-step, including:

  • How to write a business plan

  • Setting your rates

  • Marketing your business

In addition to the ‘how to’, we equip students with tangible assets to use in their business straight away so they can start growing their business straight away.


Changing your career can be daunting if you need to maintain your current income while you re-train.

 The Academy is designed to fit your studies around your other commitments.

On average, the CHEK Academy requires 6-7 hours of study commitment per week. So you can learn and practice everything you need to drive your personal evolution and begin building a rewarding career – your true calling – while working in your current job.

I feel very confident that I can deliver a high level of information. That wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t have the foundation of the CHEK system. It served me so well over the years.

Mike Salemi, CHEK Student, Kettlebell Master of Sport and creator of Kettlebell Lifestyle

Paul CHEK takes thing to such another level, such a complete level and ties things all together. It’s incredible.

Greg Muller, CHEK Student, Managing Director: Lead the Pack & Pure Athlete

I realized that I wanted a more holistic approach to my training and the CHEK material has given me exactly that. Just coming out of HLC 1 I have the right questions to ask for some of the problems my clients are facing and that’s powerful.

Matthew Adams, CHEK Student

The CHEK Academy has given me the knowledge to thrive in my career as a health coach. It’s given me all the tools I need to help other people. You can tell that Academy students are looking at things a lot more holistically and it’s great to be with people like that.

Oliver Cardenas, CHEK Academy Student

Even if there’s a thousand other coaches, you have something special in yourself and your experiences are going to ignite your fire and drive your success… The CHEK Institute has allowed me to understand that and tap into my potential.

Amber Stazenski, CHEK Academy Student


The CHEK Academy is split into affordable monthly payments spread out over the duration of your time in the Academy.

Our students typically enroll for the entire 3 years of the academy. Standard fees for the entire 3 years are below.

Academy Year Payment Period USD GBP AUD
Year 1 36 months $384 £301 AUD$488
Year 2 24 months $426 £331 AUD$544
Year 3 12 months $370 £286 AUD$464

Students who have completed IMS 1 and HLC 1 will enter at Year 2. Students who have completed IMS 2 and HLC 2 will enter at Year 3.

Students who have completed IMS 2 and HLC 2 will enter at Year 3.

If you have completed IMS 3, you’re ready for the Advanced Academy. Standard fees for the entire Advanced Academy are below.

Academy Year Payment Period USD GBP AUD
Year 4 24 months $555 £448 N/A

Students who have already completed coursework for their year of entry will be able to deduct the cost of that course from their fees.

Tap here to calculate your exact fees for your year of entry.


The CHEK Academy is a way for us to help those students who truly want to excel as highly skilled practitioners. It is not a route to simply gaining qualifications to be displayed on a wall.

Placement in each year of the CHEK Academy is strictly limited to those who pass our application process.
We welcome applications from students of all levels
of experience (even no experience!) in the health and fitness professions.

Most importantly: the desire to learn with an open mind.

We are not looking for previous experience or qualifications. Many current CHEK Academy students have never completed any fitness or health qualification prior to joining in Year 1.

As a first step, each student must complete the online application form.

Once we receive your application, you will be contacted to arrange a telephone or online interview at a scheduled time with the CHEK Academy Coordinator. The interview is a chance for you to ask questions about the Academy, for us to see if you are a good fit for the Academy, and vice versa!

Due to the limited availability of places on the CHEK Academy globally, we will not be able to admit every student who applies. Admission to the Academy is based on more than simple qualifications – we are looking for individuals who will bring enthusiasm and a positive energy to the whole of the Academy!


In 2021 we are offering three partial scholarships – one each in North America, Europe and the South Pacific.

Scholarships will pay for 50% of your Academy Fees for the 2021/22 academic year.

1. Recipients of the scholarship must pay their Academy deposit in full along with their 1st month’s payment before the scholarship is applied.
2. Current Academy students are eligible for the scholarship, though they must complete the steps above, except for completing an application.
3. The winners will be announced on September 30th.


STEP 1: Record a video, 1 minute maximum length, telling us why you should win the scholarship.

STEP 2: Upload your video to this form and fill in your contact information.

STEP 3: Share your video to Facebook or Instagram and tag the CHEK Institute profile.


Simply complete the online application form. After you have completed your application, a member of the CHEK Academy team will contact you by phone to arrange an interview.

If you have any questions about the CHEK Academy, our courses or your application, you can request a callback from one of our career advisors before you apply.

Applications close September 30th 2021


Paul Chek, Founder of CHEK Institute

A world-renowned expert in holistic health, rehabilitation and human performance, Paul Chek has been changing the lives of clients and students for over three decades. By treating the body as a whole system and finding the root cause of a problem, the unique, integrated ‘CHEK approach’ has been successful where traditional treatments and methods have consistently failed.

Paul’s system recognizes that the body is more than a bundle of joints and levers; the musculoskeletal system is not separate from the mind, emotions, hormones and organs. Every one of us is unique and, as such, the right fitness or rehabilitation program must consider the individual as a whole.

In 1995, Paul founded the CHEK Institute to train a new generation of CHEK Practitioners and satisfy the ever-growing demand from clients looking for a ‘better way’ to achieve optimum health and vitality.

Paul is a prolific author and the host of the immensely popular podcast, Living 4D with Paul Chek. He is sought after as an international presenter and consultant for organizations such as the Chicago Bulls, Australia’s Canberra Raiders and the U.S. Air Force Academy. He has produced more than 50 videos, six books and 16 advanced-level courses.

Gavin Jennings, Founder of CHEK Academy and CHEK Clinic

Gavin Jennings is the CEO of CHEK Institute and the founder of CHEK Academy. He is also the founder of the first CHEK Clinic where he employs a team of clinicians and CHEK Practitioners.

Gavin has spent three decades as a business owner and is a licensed CHEK Practitioner who worked in the fitness industry since 2000. Students of the CHEK Academy benefit from his broad business experience and creative insights.

“The CHEK Academy is a dream come true for me as Founder of the CHEK Institute. Students from around the world can now be taught the CHEK Holistic approach while being mentored by the very best CHEK Practitioners in the world. Graduates are highly-skilled practitioners equipped with the technical skills and business know-how to create a very profitable career helping a LOT of people!”