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Gavin Jennings [CHEK Practitioner level 3, HLC Level 3, CMTA level 1]

Chief Executive Officer

Gavin started in the health and fitness industry in 2000, after running a number of successful businesses and has been a business owner for more than 22 years. He has, therefore, a vast knowledge of running small businesses and, as a CHEK Practitioner himself, has built a very successful CHEK Clinic in Lancashire, UK, where he employs a 10 strong team of doctors, CHEK Practitioners and therapists. Gavin was also behind the creation and development of the now hugely popular CHEK Academy.

Penthea Crozier [MA, MSc, MBA]


Penthea combines an academic background in biological anthropology, exercise and sports science, and business administration together with eighteen years of experience in the fitness profession as an instructor, personal trainer, gym manager, and international presenter.  She loves dance, outdoor activities and multisports.

James Phelps

Director of Marketing & Social Media and PPS Lesson Coordinator

Nick Metzger

Business Development

Nick works to develop and implement various growth opportunities for the Institute. He has experience in several fields including construction, foodservice, e-commerce, web development, and graphic design.  In his free time he enjoys drawing, playing music, and video games.

Ruth Pyszczynski [BA]

Education Manager

Ruth received her Bachelor’s Degree from Humboldt State University in the field of Botany.  She brings a wealth of knowledge to our Education Department with her experience as a former art director and school teacher.  Ruth is an avid runner and has participated in numerous marathons, including the Camp Pendleton Mud Run.  Ruth’s next goal is to climb Mount Whitney.  In her spare time, Ruth enjoys quilting, teaching quilting classes, and volunteering for the Rolling Reader Program.

Bianca Funk

Client Service Representative

Bianca handles all things customer service related from answering phones, to shipping, to helping students with PPS lessons and e-learning related issues.  She is hard working, dedicated and punctual.  Her past job experience includes working as a lead in the casino industry in the promotion department and also as a manager in retail.  Her hobbies are cooking yummy food and video games.

Galyn Bradshaw

Executive Assistant to CEO

Galyn joined the Institute in 2016 after thirteen years in the legal field as a Paralegal.  She brings her extensive office knowledge, attention to detail, and honed interpersonal skills to a company she truly values.  Galyn loves music and dance, traveling the world with her husband, and spoiling their two fur kids, Bula and Lomani.