Featuring check discussing heart bottom syndrome a common problem among people who have a dysfunctional core and you can do help prevent it

Why organic ?

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Organic food, Why Organic? A downloadable handout. You can print this out for yourself, or give it to your students to help then understand a topic that tends to be a source of great confusion. You’ll be a hero for giving them great information!

Audio-Functional exercise from the inside out

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Audio recording of Functional Exercise from the Inside Out lecture given by Paul Chek as a digital download so you can get listening straight away and gain greater understanding of what makes an exercise “functional.”

Zone exercises

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A complete article on Zone exercises, taken from the best-selling book How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! These simple exercises can help to balance stress levels, and are a great source of inspiration for your mind~body classes, active cool downs or anytime you want to “work-in” rather than work-out

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